UGH! I just wanna finish something

I’m so sick of working on my scarf cause its all knit stitches and im bored with it. And, my wrist warmer is not turning out well at all. I have to keep pulling stuff out cause I mess up and start over. :frog: It kills me! Does anyone know of any short easy fun projects? Anyone else gets sick of thier projects, too?

All of us have felt that way at one time or another, especially when you are just starting out. Just be patient and try to look at EVERYTHING as a learning experience. I promise all this “junk” will work itself out! You can do it!

Okay, I will show you a picture of one of my 1st pair of socks…u will notice one sock…not all the same color.
I have many, many such faux pas; as we all do
I have a hat, that would fit my head and yours, and it’s not to be felted, I didn’t notice that it was HUGE when I was knitting it…lol.
Just relax…have fun.
Don’t stress, if it begins to bug ya, just put it down for a few minutes and come back to it…or …I could send you my hat to wear…

We can all relate MissKnit!

It takes experience before you can look at a project and know whether or not it will be fun or boring! Scarves do take a lot of knitting!

Are you doing garter stitch? Knitting every row? If you’re totally bored, you can switch to doing all the purl stitch and practice your purling. (Purling every row also gives garter stitch.) To make the switch invisible, break the yarn (weave in the end later), and transfer stitches to the other needle, and start again on the other side of the scarf, doing all purl stitches. You’ll still get garter stitch, and you’ll get good practice on your purling!! :thumbsup:

If you do this, just keep an eye on your gauge, you may need to change needle sizes to keep your scarf from getting noticably wider or narrower (since you may purl at a different tension than you knit).

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It is very hard for me to finish a project that is not being made with yarn that I LOVE. I am working on a scarf for my Mom out of pink wool I got in London … I keep messing up the pattern … better now with lifelines … but I know the ONLY reason I keep going back to it is because of the yarn. Several months ago I frogged about 5 unfinished projects that I knew I would never finish… now they don’t bug me. You know, frogs are lucky. They get to eat what bugs them. Knitters frog what bugs them :slight_smile:

For those boring projects that HAVE to be finished, I use the timer method. Knit on that project for 20 minutes, then knit on something you are anxious to do for 20 minutes. I will never make another baby blanket. Hats and booties for my baby gifts.