Ugh. Help please! Fiber = Warmth

This year we are living on our farm, and we don’t have hot running water or central heating. This year my knitting is actaully going to be used. Mom is buying 10 or so hot water bottles for Christmas presents, and I will be knitting covers that are personalized for each of us.

I would also like to make mittens (the loch ness monster I was going to make are no go’s because of the price of yarn, + pattern. And it’s a toy. Gloves/mittens are more practical and will be more needed this winter)

Ok, I have heard that acrylic has absolutely no good “heat properties” (ie, keeping someone warm).
I know wool is ideal, but I am really short on money. I want them to be warm, so I’m pretty much going to work as much as I can towards getting more wool yarn.
BUT if I can’t, how is cotton? Is there any cheap wool besides Wota? Do any acrylics work?

If you can’t do wool then I would think you could use acrylic, but knit it tighter or double it up and you would get more warmth out of it.

I’m not sure cotton would be a good choice for warmth.

Ok, thanks Jan!

I pile acrylic afghans up on my bed and it keeps me warm. I like crochet better than knit because it’s thicker.
Afghans out of furry eyelash yarns can be extremely hot.

Come to think of it all my scarves and hats (except for one that I made myself) have always been acrylic and they have kept me warm.

Cotton is cold. Plus it holds moisture. The reason wool is so good is because it wicks moisture away.

As far as blankets go, pound for pound and dollar to dollar, you’d be better off buying blankets if you’re just out for warmth.
The reason I like the afghans is I want the weight (I figure I have about 60lbs of yarn on my bed). That much weight in store bought blankets would be way too hot.

Blends (wool and acrylic) can sometimes be cheaper than 100% wool. I have found some great deals on blends and been very successful with the projects. All of which I made to keep my dairy farmer husband warm while he is out milking the cows. He says they do the trick.

Have you looked into Woolease by Lionbrand? It is an acrylic/wool blend. I use it quite often for my wristwarmers and it does a wonderful job. Patons Decor is another acrylic/wool blend but it is a little more expensive than Woolease. Yarn is also machine washable. On a side note…I have to say I love your avatar!!! I have two shelties myself. They are wonderful companions!

I just did a quick search for “wool yarn” on ebay and it seemed that there were some good finds of wool skeins for good prices - if you don’t mind using ebay. Maybe you could also try your local craigslist?

I think wool would be the warmest!

Acrylic doesn’t breathe lie natural fibers so it might feel warm but you will sweat more and get itchy. Wool is good and superwash is great but costs more.

There is a new place I saw on the news the other nite, called check it out you can get things free, really free.
U do have to join and its free also.
Maybe u can find some free yarn there.


You could try a wool/acrylic blend like Lions Woolease which is fairly inexpensive, cheaper than WotA. But I think regular acrylic will work well too. I don’t think you’d have to worry about the hot water bottles `sweating’…

Wool Acrylic blends are definatly :thumbsup: but also look out for cheap Alpaca Blends. Alpaca has a reputation for being “too warm”, which sounds just the kind of thing you need.
Patons Australia makes one (Inca) and they don’t price it much more than their other non-acrylic yarns. Could you find something like that near you?

Hmm… I’m not sure. If I drove far enough I am sure I could!! LOL I may have a chance to buy some yarn on Friday… I need to find a list of all yarn stores in the shopping vinicity my aunt is going to rampage… LOL I like BF shopping, but NOT as much as her. At least, the Kohls and JCPenney’s kind. I’d rather be knitting.
Much to her chagrin, I am SURE, I’ll be taking my knitting with me. I plan to finish my latest design before i get back home. LOL

I’ve made quite a few acrylic hats and they are all quite warm (sometimes too warm).

While I prefer wool I don’t see why you can’t use a nice, soft acrylic to make these items.

Well actaully I was blessed with a gift of Christmas money (thanksgiving and Christmas were combined for my family this year due to various reasons) and was able to go to a yarn store… Between the little I bought there and what I have here, I only will need to buy about 16$ worth of yarn. :smiley: And mom is buying the yarn for the hot water bottles.

What about Lion-Brand Wool Ease? I get it pretty cheap at JoAnnes.

I think acrylic would be pretty warm. I mean, everyone makes blankets out of it so why wouldn’t it be?

I think cotton would be warm, but not so much with winds and drafts.

I think Lion Brand’s fisherman’s wool is pretty affordable too (itchy, but warm when layering).

That’s a good one. It’s kind of expensive per skein (in stores but online it’s a lot better) but the skeins are huge.

You might try bulky yarn for extra warmth and make bulky mittens and hats. WOTA comes in bulky and so does wool-ease and Plymouth encore–which is slightly higher in wool content than wool ease, and slightly more expensive. But it comes in a good sized skein. You don’t get as much yardage in bulky skeins but you do get warmth. If you can find affordable alpaca you will get more warmth for your buck too.