UGG Booties

I make these UGG Booties from Beroca suade yarn, the light pink is dicontinued but still available from, I got the free pattern from I bought more yarn to make future grandkids each a pair. These were for my daughters friend. They are knit flat and seamed up the back, the fur is sewed on at the end.


Well I can not post a picture because I do not know how to shrink one down to size :frowning:

They are cute though.

to resize a photo, you can go here

and just follow the instructions!

Thank you Mornnen for the help posting a picture.

Those are adorable!!!

Oh how cute!! I love them!

I just love those in pink, but then I am a pink-lovin’ kind of gal! LOL

Cute! I love the pink!

gorgeous!!!1 :cheering: :heart:

They are ADORABLE :cheering: :cheering:

I love it!! I did them in the two colors on knitty gritty. I was very tempted to get the pink at that time now I might!

Ooo! Super cute!

Those are so sweet!

Cute and cozy-looking!

Thanks for all the comments. I am using the same what yarn to edge some sock, i will let you know if it turns out of a flop


Oh those are cute!

So cute!

OH my!! Those are delicious! I just started knitting and have so many things I want to do! But I have a 6 month old daughter… wouldn’t those look sweet at Christmas? Hmm… Another project?!

Good job!! I have a finished pair in my knitting blog below. I’ve sold a few pairs of these and currently waiting for more yarn to come in.

Very cute! I have always been tempted to make those, how well do they stay on?

Mama Bear