Ugg Boot Classic sizing

Need some opinions on Ugg Boot Classic sizing. According to the Nordstrom website, if you are a 1/2 size to order down to the next full size. I am interested in metallic pewter… and on other websites it says they run a full size smaller.

I tried on the classic short and the length of the 7 seems to fit, although they slip in the heel. Unfortunately they are not in stock anywhere except mail order through Ugg. Which means I would have to pay the return shipping if they don’t fit. Or if I think they are ugly in metallic pewter.

So, next question has anyone seen the metallic pewter in person? It doesn’t look to shiny or gaudy in pics, but have not seen them IRL.

Opinions please… although if your opinion is that Uggs in general are ugly, please don’t respond. I’m getting a pair anyway. It’s cold in Ohio!


I love love love Ugg’s, and sizing is a tricky thing, different styles are sized differently, my Ugg clogs are much smaller than my Ugg boots, I’m sure the reason they tell you to order down in size on the boots is becase through wear, they will stretch out some, and become more lax in general. I have the knee-high boots and this is my third winter with them, and they almost flop around on my feet now. I strongly recommend buying a pair you can try on and take home.

Sadly, Uggs are sold out just about every where here and mail order is my only option. The pewter is on backorder at Nordstrom till Feb. 29. At least I can return to the store if they don’t fit and shipping to me is also free. I’m just impatient and don’t want to wait that long!

I ordered the Rina in black from Zappos and have them sitting in the box, because I think I might like the pewter better.

Thanks for you advice!


I worked at a shoe store that sold Uggs and they do stretch out, so I would go down a half size. If you have problems with the heel slipping, you should try to put an insole in to take up a bit of the room, but not too much. Boots should be a little roomy to accommodate sock, but also to allow heat to circulate within the boot. Nothing is worse than a too small boot!
I also recommend getting a protector spray. These boots get the worst salt stains EVER. Spray the boot like crazy- there is no such thing as over spraying.
These boots are also very flat, you may want to consider getting an arch support for them if you’re going to be wearing them a lot. Birkenstock or Superfeet are good ones. They’re about $40, but they’re worth it.

Thanks for the info. The classic tall in pewter is not suede so I think that will help them look better a little longer. I’ll definitely spray them.

As for the sizing, since they don’t come in a half size and a I normally wear a 7, I guess 7 is my only option.

I actually wear Birkenstock insoles in some of my shoes. They are way cheaper than custom made and more comfy. And they come in narrow!

Now the Ugg website says they have suspended shipping until tomorrow, I think I’ll wait to see what the site says tomorrow.