Uas to the uk?

[COLOR=black] im wondering if any one knows of any usa websites/shops that will ship to the uk. i dont get my yarn online much but im sick of having to change the yarn on my patterns plus i think you lot have more of a [SIZE=2][COLOR=#000080]varity so any good shops u have used id love to know about them thanks.

Do you mean USA to the UK? :shrug:

There are lots of online shops and you can also check out eBay sellers from USA. UK eBay stores like artofyarn and cucumberpatch have a large variety also. A big US place is WEBS. HTH

I love your Pooch!

Hi! I have a couple of stores bookmarked that look promising. I haven’t ordered from any of them, though, so maybe others can tell you about their service. These stores say they ship internationally:

Seaport Yarn - Yarn, Needles, Books and Knitting Supplies
This store looks beautiful, with very interesting yarn choices.

Knitting Yarn - Knitting Kits - Sale Yarn - Free Knitting Patterns - Jimmy Beans Wool
Looks very nice, well organized, and lots of choices.

Welcome To Yarniverse
A yarn store from my home state of Tennessee.

Little Knits your source for quality yarn and knitting supplies!
LOTS of choices!

The KnittingZone
A great-looking yarn store in Alabama. Again, LOTS of choices!

Now, there are plenty more stores that ship internationally. However, these are the ones I have bookmarked just because I was impressed with them. Generally, the smaller, privately owned yarn shops will ship internationally, and the big corporate ones, like Joann’s, won’t. :shrug: (but I prefer to shop at the privately owned ones, anyway)

I know you asked for US shops, but these are some I have bookmarked from the UK that I think have good prices and good choices:

Kangaroo: Knitting yarns, Knitting patterns
Smaller number of brands but nice selection! In Bevernbridge, South Chailey.
Lots of choices and is in Bristol.

This store is in Wolstanton, Newcastle under Lyme. Click on “Shopping” at the top, then scroll down for a long list of their yarns.
In Hampshire. A nice selection.

Angel Yarns Rowan Yarn Store UK - Knitting Needles, Wool, Accessories
Big selection, good prices. In East Sussex.

Hope this helps!

I am also in the UK and I too get frustrated with never being able to find the right yarn for a project. If you haven’t tried Get Knitted have a look - its where I got my Cascade 220 from for my Dark Mark scarf. They are also starting to stock knit picks stuff, they have the options needles on order so they will be in soon and apparently they are trying to get some of the yarns as well. Its worth a look! Might even be worth a trip to Bristol after Christmas when I actually have some money, do yarn stores have January sales?
Good luck with your search tho, if you find anything good please let me know!