Type of yarn

hello, newbie here, and this is my first post after lurking at this site for a while without signing up :smiley:

okay, so i’m really new in knitting. i’ve been thinking of making a small felted shoulder bag for myself (hopefully could carry up to a few pounds of weight), and have a bunch of yarn at home now that i want to finish. but i’m not sure if my yarn is strong enough because it looks pretty thin. what kind of yarn do you suggest? i used to think all wools are the same, but seems like there are more than one type of wool yarn, huh…

here is what i have… uhm, sorry, i dont even know how to read the label properly, but it says bernat lana (is lana the name of the brand or type of yarn? sorry dumb question… but all these terms are really foreign to me :oops: ). it also says merino wool, now i dont know which is which…

and do you think that yarn is strong enough for felted bag?

Bernat is the name of the company that makes the yarn, Lana is the name of that particular yarn!

Lana is a worsted weight (middle weight) wool yarn and would be perfect for felting. It may seem thin, but felted items shrink up a lot and the fabric becomes very dense once the process is through. Go for it, felting is so much fun!! :thumbsup:

:smiley: WElcome, Webble :smiley: