Tying Yarn Together

I’ve read that it’s best not to tie yarn together when adding a new skien to your project. Does anyone tie?

I admit that I tie on occasion if I think it won’t show. I really like spit-felting when I work with a yarn that will felt together–you can hardly tell where one begins and one ends. Very thin yarns have a knot the size of a flea, so I don’t think that’s a big deal, either.

I mostly knit with both together for a couple of stitches, though, rather than knot. The knot can leave a wonky place if you’re not careful.

I always tie them because I don’t feel secured about joining them loosely. It’s just me.

I do both, although I am growing more and more acustomed to tying all my yarn because of the few dishcloths I’ve done, after they come out of the machine and are used again, I’m seeing all these little pieces of yarn popping out!!! Quite annoying I must say.

I’ve tried everything I can think of to make it stop but they just keep popping out on me. :rollseyes:

I usually tie mine too. I’ve heard that you can use glue or “Fray Chek” to help hold them in place when you’re finished knitting.

I admit that I do tie sometimes :shifty: :oops:

If it’s something like socks or a ‘special’ project I do all I can NOT to tie by using the russian join, spit splicing, or ‘less conventional’ methods. But if it’s something felted, or a dishcloth or something that will hide the knots in a seam I often throw all rules to the wind and (gasp) tie. :shock: