Two Toe Up socks on One Circular Needle

I stumbled across a link posted by Shandeh showing a sock tutorial.

Originally Posted by Shandeh
Hello, new KHers! Silver’s Sock Tutorial will help!
Good luck with your socks!

And decided to check it out. So, I’m looking through the ‘one sock on dpns’, then I check out the ‘Two Toe Up on circular’.

So, magic loop & sock virgin is doing two socks at one time using one circular needle!

hehehe… suffice it to say, I’m almost finished, and I found it quite easy (well, to be honest, the figure 8 cast on was a little on the ‘medium hard’ side), but overall, I think I can do socks!

the figure 8 cast on is done! (whew)

omg, they actually look like toes! hehehe

now, if I can just figure out her cast off method, I’ll be finished!


Those look super! I think I’d get all tangled up! :teehee:

Nice job :slight_smile:

Nice job! I’ve been wanting to learn that too!

Wow, those are great looking socks! You’ve encouraged me to try 2-at-a-time.

:woot: Great job!! I’m so glad you just jumped in with both feet and knitted them two at a time!! They look great too…

I’ve made one pair that way but then went back to my one at a time :rofl:

I’m working on a pair from the same tutorial, also 2 at a time, toe up-I haven’t yet finished, but its FUN! Plus it’ll be great to have them both done when I finish! :stuck_out_tongue:

Your socks look really good, and seem to be a perfect fit! :woohoo:well done!

Silver’s tutorial made it really easy! Her instructions were written out in great detail with tons of images!

I think I’ll do another 1" - 1 1/2" then cast off.

I havent tried the toe up version of socks yet. I am inspired by your pics that I think I have to try this next. You did a wonderful job and they look great. I do love your color selection as well.

Great job on the socks, Lynn! :slight_smile:

great job, the socks look great and that’s a fun way to do them at once like that.

Lynn, they look great…Silver’s Tutorial is the best!!! The EZ sewn bind off that she uses is the best bind off for socks, IMO. Use needle purl through 2, knit off 1…easy!

:yay: great job, Lynn. Congratualtions :woohoo:

criky, i’ll try most things knitting wise, but 2 at a time socks, no way, they look far far to scary for me lol.

i know i’d get totally tangled up and in a mess.

yours look beautiful though, i love the colour :woot:

Great! Your socks look wonderful. I have never made toe up socks or two at a time. I’m chicken. :slight_smile:

Nice job and what a pretty color!

Nice work! NO SSS to worry about.

:yay: Great Job! I love the colors in yarn. What yarn did you use? I may have to make myself a pair!