Two thumbs up for Knitwerx

SUPER fast delivery, and the sweetest hand-written note.

My top two places now for buying yarn are Kpixie (formerly Knitpixie) ,and Knitwerx (click through KH’s ad to help out Amy!)!

:heart: Knitwerx. Think I’ll go pay a visit!

OMG!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

How dare you show me to a place that sells stuff like THIS :shock: :evil:

Do you know what you’ve done?? I’ll NEVER get this out of my head!! :wall:

Oh the colors… Oh the shine… Oh the money… and yet the compulsion rages… :evil: :devil:

I need to go sit and the corner, hug my knees and rock until the urge subsides… :shifty:


I had a great experience with Knitwerx too! They have awesome stuff.

no no no, buy buy buy!

Missa and Jessica at kpixie are WONDERFUL!!! I absolutely love them and their site. I just bought TOO much Karabella Aurora 8 from them (about 20 balls!)

I’ve not shopped with knitwerx yet…but ROCKS…love the girls that run the place…I have found the best customer service around from these 2 ladies that run the place, just the 2 of them run the entire operation! I had a computer/credit card error that they bent over backward to get fixed right away, stayed in constant communication and when I got my yarn (SWTC’s Karaoke :smiley: ) I had a surprise thrown in for the little mishap that was really no one’s fault…just a glick!! I am ordering some more yarn from them in a day or two, actually…they have ALL SORTS OF GOODIES :inlove: :smiley: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance:

Why is it when I order something for m computer, I get it in two days or less and when I order yarn, I get it in two weeks or more? Think I’ll try Knitwerx. Thanks for the tip.

Jouf, kpixie uses priority mail :wink: … get the goodies from there in 2 days, baby :wink: I’m going to have to give knitwerx a go, too :smiley:

Thanks, Rebecca. I’ll try them too!

I’d just like to add that Knitwerx is my very favourite online yarn store ever and I love it. :heart:

What did the sweet handwritten note say??

She wrote a little note in my order too…just thanks for the business, enjoy the yarn…that kind of thing. Very sweet though.

I was complimented on my color choice. :smiley:

ohhh…now that was sweet! Of course you do have fabulous taste :slight_smile:

Oh pooh–I’m not that gullible. I bought different shades of blue that were on sale. But it IS nice gesture to take the time to do this.

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Her ears must be burning because I just got a Knitwerx email talking about all the yummy yarn they have right now.

:shifty: [size=2]Maybe she’s reading everything we say. Don’t you think there should be a HUGE sale?[/size]

oh ahem…

I LOVE knitwerx so much! :heart: :heart: :heart: So do all of the lovely women of KH!!! If only they were having a HUGE sale…then I could break my yarn probation and give Sylvia TONS of business!

[size=2]Any chance that will work???[/size]

:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :waving: (Just in case!)

oh…or it wouldn’t even have to be a big sale. Just a nice coupon for her devoted KH fans!