two symbols in one square of pattern chart

so i am knitting a nice shawl from a chart and for the first time i have come across two symbols in a square. how do i handle this?
In the first case it is a yarn over followed by ssk, and in the second case it is a knit followed by a ssk? so confused by this. can anyone please help me?

Welcome to KH!
Can you tell us the name of the pattern or give us a link to it?
It’s not so surprising to see a yo between chart squares (Drops patterns use this notation) but I’ve never seen a knit, ssk.

the pattern is Gamayun Bird by Natalia Sha

the squares are in rows 15 and 17 in chart 1 to the right and left of the green line.49808012_10156729659075115_5629546078773706752_n

Thanks for the link and photo. The instructions in the pattern notes for this project may help:

“The instructions to knit both symbols in the square confused me. You knit both but not in the same stitch. It’s just a way to keep things orderly on the chart. Pay attention to the previous row to keep things aligned, even when using repeat stitch markers.”

Whenever a problem like this comes up, I do the math. Add up this row, the previous row, the next row and see where the stitch count is going. Where are there increases or decreases.

It seems like lifelines would be a good idea for this shawl. You may already be using them.