Two straps for bikini top?

Hi guys,
Finally the bikini! Okay, I want each cup of the top to have two straps for support that will tie behind the neck. I can’t get it in my head how to have two straps coming from one triangle without attaching it, I want it to be all one knit piece.
I starting using a pattern, but I’ve ended up just making my own as I go along, increasing every so often for the triangle cups of the top…I’ll deal with the bottoms when I get there! :stuck_out_tongue:

It kind of depends on how you make the top. Do you start at the top… at the ‘point’ of cup? If you do then you could use a provisional cast on and then pick it up later and make the straps.

If you start at the bottom of the cup you could make the strap before you cast off.

Are you making i-cord straps, crochet chain, knitted?

Jan to the rescue!! :slight_smile:
I am currently knitting (with cascade fixation) from the top of the cup down, I could knit it anyway, from the bottom or the top, though because I am going to have to frog it and start over to make a double strap.
My biggest issue is that I want the whole top to be knit as one piece, I don’t want to sew it together because it will weaken it.

If you sew it properly it shouldn’t weaken it, but I think you can work it out so it is knit all in one. :thumbsup:

What Jan said.
And if you pick up stitches and knit them it definitely won’t weaken anything.

But if you have your heart set on integrating the straps into the cups, start from the bottom and when you get to the top knit to the place where you want a strap to be. Then, using another ball of yarn, just knit back and forth on 5 or so stitches until you have a strap. Bind off those stitches and cut the yarn. Resume knitting the cup until you get to the place where you want the other strap to be. Make another strap. Etc.

Personally, I’d either sew them on or pick up and knit them on.

Thanks Jan and Knitasha, will try it.
Off to look up “provisional cast on”…
thanks! :slight_smile:

Um, what i would do, not that i know what i’m doing or anythin, but i would do is take one long thread, go to the other side, loop it, and bring it back over, than, if it is so important to tie behind the neck, cut it and do some fancy tieing.

g0odst0r33: with just the yarn loop it to go around the neck? It’s very thin yarn, sport weight I don’t think it would hold…