Two strands of yarn

I just knitted with two strand of bulky yarn and I am about to start the second one. Can I take the two skeins of yarn and roll them into one ball so that it will be two strands already together tokeep the tangling down?

You can try that but it’s usually not recommended. Inevitably one strand becomes longer than the other and the single ball becomes messy. For bulky yarn, the yardage may be short enough that this doesn’t become so much of a problem.

Thanks I went with the two balls in two different bags. I just wish there was a way to do this with out all the tangling. Have a great day !!

Look at how you’re turning your work. Maybe you’re twisting them when you turn.


Thanks I think it’s just inevitable. I went with the two bags. Next time. (Sweater). I’m going to roll them together. Can’t hurt

Hi I recently knitted with 2 strands. The first half of my project i was tangled frequently and had to stop to detailed. The second half i didn’t tangle even once.
I put 1 ball to my left and 1 to my right and at each end of row I made an effort not to turn my work in the same direction every time.
I don’t know if this work if you work in the round, for me the problem was always turning my work and needles the same way each end of line so when I alternated no more tangling.

I hope that works. I haven’t tried it.