"Two strands of yarn held together"?

All of my supplies are finally here and I want to get started on my project but the pattern for the District 12 Wrap is a little vague and I am not sure what to do for the cowl. I have never worked with double strands so I want to make sure I am doing it right.

This is what the pattern says:

[I]Cowl is worked in the rnd with 2 strands of yarn held tog. Only 2 balls of yarn are required if making Cowl only.

With larger needle and 2 strands of yarn held tog, cast on 42 sts. Place marker for beg of rnd and join by working the first st on the left hand needle with the working yarn from the right hand needle.[/I]

My questions are:

  1. How do I cast on? Can I use a normal long-tail method and just hold two strands, or is there a specific technique? (If I know the name I can find a how-to video on Youtube).
  2. Should I be using two different balls, or should I wind a center-pull ball and use both ends?
  3. Any advice, tips or tricks you discovered the last time you did this?

Just hold the two together and work as if with a single yarn. I would not wind a two strand ball, some people do, I think it ends up being much more difficult. If you think one ball is all you’ll use then using both ends of the same ball makes sense because you won’t end up with parts of two balls at the end of this part of the project. If you know you’ll need more than one then using two balls means fewer ends to deal with. Cast on with any cast on you want but do use both strands of yarn. You might want to practice on other yarn first just to get the hang of it. It is a little odd at first. Make sure you always use both strands to make your stitches and that you don’t knit into them separately. You’ll soon get used to it, no biggie. That’s all I can think of. Enjoy!

I am glad it is fairly straightforward, but there is no special way to cast on?

The pattern says you need two balls for the cowl, so I assume that they are just knitting from two different balls?

Does the pattern specify a cast on? If not then whatever cast on you want should serve. Does it need to be stretchy? I’d probably use two balls unless it gives yardage for just the cowl and I know one will do it.

I thought there might be a technique simply because it is two strands, that is all. Since there is so much yarn involved I will probably not use a long tail cast on. I have always wondered why nobody ever specifies a CO, even in project descriptions on Ravelry.

If you want to use a long tail cast on you could cast on a few stitches and see how much yarn it takes and then use that measurement to get a good idea of how much yarn you really need.

I really don’t know if I want a stretchy or stiff cast on, this is always the hardest part of a project for me, staring at the needles and agonizing over which Cast on to use. No bloggers or pattern makers ever specify and it drives me crazy.

Is your cowl knit flat and then seamed or in the round? If it’s in the round you want a stretchy cast on. If it’s flat and then seamed you can use just about anything.

I am using circular’s as straight needles. You knit a cowl, and then a sort of scarf that you sew together.

What would you recommend?

If it’s to be seamed along the cast on and you don’t want to use long tail then a knitted or cable cast on should work fine I think.

The pattern for the cowl is knit in the round. You can knit it flat and seam it if you wish but you’d have to change the directions for the rounds in order to get the same pattern stitch shown.
Cast on is often a matter of personal preference. Many cast ons will work for a project especially if you don’cast on tightly.
I’m looking forward to seeing this cowl when you finish!

I will post pictures once I am done for sure! It is knitting up very fast, I am nearly done the Cowl just from last night (I’d be done if I had not CO’d so many times).

The cowl is knit in the round on size 35 needles, they are gigantic. It actually makes my hands kind of sore, I feel like I am knitting with my whole hand rather than fingers.

I actually did the Techjoin I posted last week. I did not CO over two needles because of how big they are, but I did the same number and slipped the stitches and all that. It seems like no matter what I do my join always feels loose when I make something. Hopefully it will be okay.

Edit: I decided to do it over again. My biggest problem in knitting is joining in the round, just because it never seems to look tight. I used a cable cast on, and the Invisible Join I used before apparently does not look good with a Cable CO.

Which joining technique would you suggest for a Cable CO using two strands of chunky yarn?

I also started my CO with a [B]Simple Loop[/B] to avoid having a knot.

Or should I do a double CO (the doubled Long Tail)?

Probably everything seems exaggerated because you’re knitting on such large needles. They’re always a little awkward to work with. I sometimes join by switching the place of the first and last sts on the needle ( pulling one over the other).