Two socks on two circulars

Is it possible to knit 2 socks at the same time, cuff down, on two circular needles? I printed out some instructions from Sherons 2 socks on 2 circulars, but those instructions were just way too funky for me to comprehend. I guess I’ve got “after work brain mush”, but I could not understand what to do. Is there an easier method somewhere out there? These instructions didn’t seem to make it clear which needle held which stitches for which sock. I’ve been trying for about 2 hours and finally just ripped it all out and gave up. I know there’s got to be a way…I’m wondering if ML would work, doing 2 socks on just one long cable needle?

I think there’s instructions in Silver’s sock tutorial for 2 at a time, though I don’t know if they’re toe up or cuff down.

I checked hers first, but they’re toe up. There’s GOT to be a way to do this. I love to knit socks, but have a bad case of SSS.

Have you googled for it yet?

I did, but all I got was for either one sock on two circs or for toe up

When you are knitting socks with two circs, half the stitches for BOTH socks are on one side, and the other half on the other side.

Lets say your instep is side 1, and your heel stitches are side 2.
You would knit side 1 on both socks, then turn and knit side 2 on both socks.

Here’s another page that has pictures of the cast on:

It is certainly possible; it’s my preferred method of sock knitting. There’s not much difference whether it’s top down or toe up, really. It might be easier to knit just one on 2 circs so you understand how to do it. then it’s not so much of a stretch to get 2 socks started.

I found these tuts, maybe they will help:

This book: may help, too. Check your library for it.
Here’s another:

I always knit my socks on one long circular needle. I found Silver’s tutorial the best explanation and the easiest to understand.

I followed someones link and found two wonderful teaching videos that could help you. The lady (Cat Bordhi) begins by asking if you ever have milked a cow or goat, then goes on to naming the two circulars needles. She is funny, but her method worked for me.

The first was [U]knitting in the round on two circulars[/U]. It is in two parts so [U]Part 2 of Cat’s tutorial video[/U] can be found following the second link. From that it is an easy step to two socks on two circulars, just remember when you switch socks to also switch working yarns (so you don’t knit them together and have to frog back).

The second is [U]Cat Bordhi’s demonstration of Judy Becker’s Magic CO[/U] (provisional cast on) that gives you live stitches on both sides (uses two straight, DPNs or circulars) and a purl row between. A great start for toe-up socks (do I understand the name “toe-up” correctly? I guessed it means you start at the toe and work up to the cuff.)

If you have two circ. of the same size by different in color or shape/style then matching ends becomes “udderly” easy. :lol:

Thank you all for the links and the encouragement. I’ll try again this weekend when I’m not so stressed from work.