Two socks on two circulars

Okay, I can knit ONE sock on two circulars, but I keep getting messed up on the cast on for TWO socks. I’m knitting them cuff down. I keep ending up with my ends in the wrong order, etc. I cast on for one sock, divide it between the two needles, and then get it wrong from there. How do I get the second sock cast on correct? I end up with the working yarn in the wrong place and I think it must have something to do with which needle I’m casting on to or which direction I’m slipping the stitches or something, but it’s making my brain hurt. What’s the proper way to do this? Does this question make sense? I can cast on again and take a picture if it doesn’t. :wall:

When I’ve done 2 socks on 2 circs I’ve followed the directions that are found here.

This is the first 2 circ pattern I used (and the first pair of socks I knitted):

It has good pictures for each step of the cast-on, also.

I like doing them toe-up with the Turkish Cast-on the best, though! :thumbsup:

Thanks, both of you. :muah: I kept trying to do the knitty one and screwing it up. And, Lisa, I’d love to do toe-up socks but I just can’t do ANY of the cast ons. I can’t crochet even a chain in order to do a short row toe and I can’t figure out the figure eight.

Believe it or not, the Turkish is even simpler than that. It is just one slip knot and then wraps.

I had to practice on a sample a couple of times, but it is the easiest I’ve seen. Then it took a little maneuvering to get the cast-on on twice for the pair.

No pressure, just posting in case the info helps someone else.

Thanks for that…I’ll have to try it. I suppose casting on at the toe would also solve my cast on problem. :oops: