Two socks on one circular needle

Has any one ever done two socks on one circular needle. I have done one sock on one circular and it seems that it would be a good idea to do two at one time, but everytime I try and follow the directions I downloaded, my yarn and needles end up a tangled mess. :wall: Any suggestions?

I don’t have help for you, but I had the same problem trying to figure it out. I saw in Knit Picks that there is a DVD for it, but I’m not sure I’d want to pay for that :shrug:

When I’m working with two balls of yarn, I keep one on my right, and the other on my left. (I usually put each in it’s own ziplock bag, too.) When turning my work (whether I’m using two balls of yarn or two ends of the same ball of yarn), I try to alternate the direction I go so the working yarns don’t get twisted around one another. Of course, I usually end up turning in the same direction out of habit, so what I do to untwist them is to 1) push my socks onto the needle cord so they don’t fall off, 2) grab both working strands (about a foot or so away from where it’s connected to the work – one in each hand), and 3) let the work hang like a yoyo. The yarns should start to untwist on their own (kind of like a playground swing), but you can help it along by pulling the two strands apart a little.

Another thing you can do when you’re using two separate balls of yarn is this: when your socks are large enough, tuck each ball into its own sock. You won’t be able to do that from the very beginning, but it will prevent the two yarns from crossing once you get to that point. HTH

i always do 2 on 2 socks.

one method for keeping the yarn from not tangling is to follow jane’s advise.

me? i follow the second option jane suggested! i let it tangle, because i always turn the same way! and then i let it run free to untangle.

i move all the stitches away from needle tips (onto cable part of needle)
then go back to the 2 balls of yarn, and put my index finger between the two yarn, and move all the twists towards the needles.

i hold the needle up in the air, and let them spin… until all the twists are gone.

(i do this ever 20 or so rows, sometimes more, sometimes less–and i have even done it on NYC subway!)

then i go back to knitting!

2 on 2 or 2 on magic loop is really the ‘same process’ (and really when thought about not really different than working on DPN’s.)
i love having 2 socks that are identical, and completed at the same time.

(did you hear about the woman who had knit 15 socks, and hadn’t completed a pair? could have been me!–but not anymore! now i knit a pair or so a month!)

Here are some photos of my 2 socks using Magic Loop: