Two Questions: 1. Lifelines 2. Make 1 R & L

Hi Folks,

  1. Lifelines: I’ve got 60 some rows of this Counterpane pattern ( accomplished, but when I got to row 70, I realized the printed directions are incorrect <sigh> :crying: Thank goodness it was only about 5 rows…

So I used some pearl cotton to pick up the row I wanted to go back to, figured out what I thought it should be from staring at the picture and the chart, and started again.

Got 3 rows reknit & said, nope, that ain’t right neither <d***>, frustrating…inserted the pearl cotton again, ripped and now I’d like to find out if any of you know a way to knit IN a lifeline as you’re going across the row??? (Other than with the circular needle set trick, which I think is great, but I started this on straight needles & I’d rather not start over after 65 rows… my tension is different on circs… :rollseyes:

My guess is not…as stranding doesn’t work…

  1. M1R, M1L When doing a row that’s a purl row, would one purl into the make 1 loop? or knit?

Thanks for any help.


I’ve read that some people have taped the lifeline to the needle and have it ‘come along’ but I haven’t tried it.

I’ve done that on purl rows, though I don’t know if it’s ‘right.’


I LOVE YOU!!! I was just musing, while brushing my teeth, that maybe I could drill a tiny hole through my size 3 bamboo needles to try to accomplish the circular-needle-hole trick, but I think I’ll try your suggestion first!

Thanks SOOOOOOO much.



It’s clumsy, but it’s working…

Lord knows what it’ll do to my tension…we’ll see…


It’s only for one row, so it should be ok. I’ll have to try it myself next time.

I thread the lifeline onto a sewing needle and pass it thro the stiches - I have seena video on line of someone knitting the life line in but I don`t recall where or how it was done

Just thought I’d pass on a few tidbits I’ve discovered in trying this:

1st time, I taped it on just at the end of the taper and at the end. That made for some pretty stilted knitting…not good…yarn & stitches getting caught up on the tape.

2nd time, I taped it farther back from the point (much better!) but with a bit of thread sticking out (which made it a bit difficult to get the stitches over it…though I don’t knit tight, they had to go over 2 “thicknesses” of pearl cotton and the tape…), and at the end. Better overall, but still room for improvement.

3rd time, I made sure the end of the pearl cotton was enclosed within the tape about a half inch to an inch behind the taper and did not tape it at the other end. Best so far! I wasn’t pleased with the amount of tape residue on my needles and thought, well, maybe it’ll work with just one bit of tape, and duh, of course it does…the thread is already through the stitches! Just gotta be sure to have the lifeline itself is long enough…the first one wasn’t & disappeared through a few of the end stitches when I was moving stitches back & forth…

86 rows done…boy that bobble row took f-o-r-e-v-e-r!

scubagirl, if you ever run across that information again, I’d be grateful to hear about it!

Diane :XX:

In the end, do you think the knitted-in lifeline was a better way to do it than a tapestry needle and yarn through the stitches on the needle?


I’d have to say yes, especially in this instance, given the size needles & the type of yarn.

Size 3 needles do not make for a very large stitch to run a needle through, with the added complication that the acrylic “yarn” I’m using was frogged from a sweater I no longer liked, and though it’s working up pretty nice, it’s three fine strands that aren’t twisted together at all, making running any sort of needle (I used a much-smaller-than-the-video blunt-pointed needle) through them either while they’re on the needle or trying to pick up stitches a few rows down a real interesting exercise…

Takes far less time too!


Diane :wink:

I’ve used fishing line for lifelines a lot. You can get it in very narrow thicknesses and it’s really cheap. I have some 10-lb. that’s not much bigger than my hair.

Also, I wouldn’t bother taping it. I’d just hold the 2 strands together until the end of the row and then clip the line. I’ve used it for stitch holders, too and then just knot the ends loosely.

I got 1400 yards of 10-lb. for ~$2 at Wal-Mart.

Just a thought.


I don’t understand this statement:

“I’d just hold the 2 strands together until the end of the row and then clip the line.”

Are you actually knitting the fishing line in with the project yarn? I don’t get how that would be a “lifeline”… am I just being dense? This, of course, is quite possible… But how would that help you if you had to remove all the stitches from the needles & rip back 2, 3, or however many rows? You’d have lotsa loops (both yarn & line) sticking up, but nothing keeping the stitches you want to pick up & retrieve from twisting or running back another row…


Though I haven’t tried fishing line in this application, I have used it before for making earrings (in a past life…) and found it a pain to manipulate… and tying a knot in it was virtually impossible…maybe I was using too heavy (or too light???) a gauge line? I don’t know. I’ve probably got some of it around somewhere…if I can lay a hand on it, I’ll try giving it a go & see what happens. Always open to new ideas, I am!

Thanks for the input,

Diane :waving:

I said it wrong. I had to try it again so I could remember what I did. Knitting it in can help identify the row you’d like to rip back to, which you are correct, is not really a lifeline.

What I did was thread a double-eye needle (or a yarn needle) with the fishing line and thread it through the loops on the needle, or through the loops directly below (whichever are easiest to get through).

When I use it for a stitch holder, I tie the OPPOSITE ends together, not try to make a knot on each end.

Really sorry about the confusion!