Two of my last projects

I made some felted purses as Christmas gifts. I used a pattern as a base but changed it up. Basically it was cast on 46, knit in garter for 16 ridges, pick up stitches around and knit in the round for 17 inches or so and finished with a knitted on I-cord. Then I felted, rolled the edges over when I dried it. Added some trim and handles!
There are more photo’s on my blog.

Fun! I really like the dangly bead :mrgreen:

They are lovely ! You did a brilliant job :slight_smile:

They are beautiful. You did a great job, I bet the recipients were awed.

Ooh, I really like the brown one! Beautiful work!

those look GREAT! Love the trim!

The bags look great. I love your blog, so varied and interesting.

Those are great! What wonderful gifts.

Those are gorgeous! Great job! :thumbsup:

Ooohh! They are lovely!! The beads sure do pop - what a great idea!

They are fun and functional!

They turned out so nice! :yay:

Really nice work!! They look lovely.

very cute! they look like something you could buy in a store!

:happydance: very cute!!

Great design work! :thumbsup: I also like the colorway you used! Very earthy, and classy at the same time!