Two new knitty issues

  1. Anyone have a good tutorial on Entrelac? I was looking through the scarf pattern and it’s Greek to me, which saddens me deeply.

  2. Anyone know how to contact them? The cheesy puff pictures are obscuring an important part of the pattern intrucions, but when I try to e-mail them, it goes to like %98%98%98%98%98%98%98%98%, which somehow doesn’t work. :wink:


2: Pattern questions should go to the individual designer…his contact info is at the bottom of the pattern page.

I just went and looked at the pattern. If you highlight the words and then copy them into a word document they will appear with the picture posting beneath it rather than over the words. That’s a truly great sweater. Now to finish up all these little projects so I can start on some largre ones!

Hope that helps!