Two General Questions

  1. Has anyone joined The Knitting Guild of America or know anyone who has? I took a brief look at their website and the programs look interesting but I wasn’t sure if only people who what to teach knitting joined.

  2. What’s the process of becoming a tester for patterns and yarns? I have an interest in doing this more and I wasn’t sure if there’s a specific process that I should follow or if I would need certifications to be even qualified.

Thanks for all of your thoughts on these!

  1. No

  2. I don’t think it takes much except being willing to do it (but of course, that is only my unsubstantiated opinion). Whether or not you get yarn support/pay might be more of a question. Maybe you could try contacting a few of the major yarn companies w/lots of patterns (lion brand, etc.) to see what they have to say about that. Otherwise, I am sure there are many individual designers that would be happy to have someone volunteer!