Two exciting discoveries...and a quick question

Hello all–

Being a new knitter, I made two exciting discoveries in the last two days…although I’m sure they’re old news to you all!

  1. I bought a pair of Addi Turbo circular needles and I loooooooove them–they are SOOOOO much easier to use than the bamboo circs I was working with before. :cheering:

  2. I watched the KH video about the felted join to join two ends of yarn–I was utterly amazed! It was like Amy was performing a magic trick right before my very eyes. How cool!!!

And now my question…when knitting something that is eventually going to be felted, is it better to knit more loosely or tightly…or does it not matter at all?

Thanks for putting up with my newbie excitement :aww:

Ahhh…addi’s…yeah, baby…u will LOVE knitpicks Options, too!
I love the felted join!!!
I knit as I normally do when felting.

it knit as normal also, but I have heard a few times that items felt better if the stitches are looser.

do NOT change how you normally knit…it will just mess y’all up for other projects. If the gauge for your felted item isn’t right switch the needle size. it is always better to do that rather than try to adjust your knitting…adjusting your knitting is likely to lead to bad habits. (of course if you are an extremely tight knitter it is probably better to loosen up in general.)