Two color help (aka what a PITA)

wow… so keeping untwisted with two colors is a pain.

In my first thread I mentioned I was going to try to make a hat with a VW logo.

So, here’s what the logo is supposed to look like…
And below is what I ended up with. Not so bad. Although, it looks a little alien-ish if you squint… I think I may increase the width of the outside circle – hopefully that will help it.

I used both intarsia and the fair isle methods. Basically there were 4 chunks of yarn I was keeping track of – a blue on either side of the logo, a blue on the inside of the logo and a tan for the logo itself… So basically the logo was done with fair isle, adn the outer blue with intaria. The reason I did that was because of the large spans of solid color, and I didn’t want to carry the other color beyond 6 stitches.

The main problem I have is that there’s holes where some the color transitions are… any ideas?

Cool Logo, Jessica! Nice! :slight_smile:

It looks like you didn’t overlap/twist the strands properly for the intarsia join in those places. The intarsia video shows how to overlap the strands.