Two Circular Needles

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Hi all, I’m a newbie here and was reviewing the videos on circular knitting techniques bcz I’m working on a hat and I came across the two circular needle technique for small diameter circular knitting. Does anyone here use this technique and why? It just seem to me to be a rather complicated way of doing things. Are there certain patterns or items of knitting that might specifically call for this technique to be used or is it mainly something of preference for knitters?


There are 4 methods of knitting small diameter projects… two circular needles, magic loop and DPNs. You can also use a single circ for things like hats or sweaters.

I have tried magic loop and didn’t like it. I can knit with DPNs and do occasionally, but I prefer two circular needles. I only have to move the yarn and needles once for each side vs 3 or 4 for DPNs and it’s easier to set down. I also found less laddering problems with two circs.

For socks I always use two circs, for hats I usually use a 16 in then transfer to DPNs when the decreases make it to tight on the 16.

It’s more of a preference depending on the knitter, the yarn, needle size and project. I only have one set of dpns and really don’t need to use them because of ML or 2 circs. That way you don’t have to duplicate all your needle sizes in dpns as well.

Sometimes (like the beret I finished just last night), the project is just a little bulky for DPNs. Though I prefer DPNs for knitting in the round, I wished I had a 2nd circs when it came to starting the decreases. It really is a matter of choice though.

It really depends on the knitter, like everybody said. However since you’re new, 2 circulars are a little easier to grasp than DPNs I think. It’s actually not that complicated once you realize what’s happening. Atleast you don’t have so many needles to work with as with DPNs. If you find you don’t like 2 circulars you can always try other methods until one fits you best. Also, most things made with DPNs can be converted to use 2 circulars. =)

This is just my personal opinion, but I would rather use 2 circs or Magic Loop any day over DPN. I’ve done many things on DPN. They just seem to get in my way. That’s just me, though. There are some people who prefer DPN to anything else. Two circs would be my first choice of all the methods.

If you think about it–a circ is just a long flexible DPN!

if you’ve never used 2 circs–just cast on.
mark the mid point.
Join into round, knit to mid point. pick up second needle, continue round with second needle

Knitting on 2 circ’s feels like flat knitting --you knit all the stitches (from tip A of needle1 to tip b of needle 1.

you turn the work (like flat knitting!) and knit all the stitches on Needle 2–working from tip of needle 2 to tip B of needle 2.

it helps if you have slightly different needles (different colors if metal–or perhaps different lengths.)

Its my favorite way to knit in the round these days.

There’s nothing complicated about it at all. Just pick up the 2nd circular and start knitting with it.
I use 2 circs, dpns or magic loop, depends on what I’m making at the time. All took some practise, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

I used this method because I didn’t have the right size dpns! I didn’t have any trouble working with it at all.