Two afghans I've done

Everyone here is so helpful and nice, but to be truthful, I’m hesitant to show my first work. :roflhard:

I’ve been giving away afghans to people just to get knitting practice.

Here are two of the last ones I’ve finished. Sorry I’m not sure how to pose them. So I just lay them on the table.:rofling:

I’m still working on a cable afghan, and the dog sweater. I’m so scared I’m going to screw both up.:rofl:

Anyway here is some of what you nice ladies helped me do.

Thank you!

Those look awesome!!! Great job! :cheering::cheering:

Thanks JJ, I’m sure it’s amateur hour for some, but it feels great here.

Wow! They look great!! Keep up the good work!

Those are beautiful! It doesn’t look to me like you have any reason to be worried about your current projects :wink:

Don’t ever be hesitant! Your work is just gorgeous! You should be proud of it!

Wow, such a great job! I’m so impressed :smiley:

It’s easy doing the same thing over and over. I admire those that make cloths!

Thanks to all though.

They both look great. I love the second one.

Your work is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :hug:

They are just lovely. You did a wonderful job!

No reason to hesitate about showing those!



Those are amazing! I love the chevron one.

Thanks everyone.:muah:

Kamie they are both great! I do love the texture of the second one. What pattern did you use?


Here are the squares I’m making for an afghan for on top of our son’s bed.

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Here are teh squares I’m making for an afghan / blanket for on top of our son’s bed.

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( sorry, I can’t get the picture on, but I took a picture of it, so here ios the link to it. )

Wonderful work!:thumbsup:

I found a pattern stitch I wanted to convert. Here it is

I did add a border of 5 knit rows top and bottom and Knit 5 at the beginning and ending of each row. Did it on a size 11 circular needles.

Just beautiful! It took me forever before I tackled a project that big!