Twisting yarn

Has anyone had problems with yarn twisting upon itself? It begins doing this right off the ball (I wound it from the skein) and then gets tighter on the needle. The yarn is Lamb’s Pride worsted. Do not have this problem with some other Brown Sheep yarns. I knit combined continental and am wondering if that may be at least part of the problem.

It could be how you wrap the yarn around your needle when you form the sts, or it could be that when you turn at the end of a row, you always turn the same direction which is the same way it’s twisted. You can untwist it by holding the skein and let your work on the needles dangle, then watch how you wrap the sts and turn at the end of the row and see if you can keep it from twisting more.

I’ve had that happen was well (not with this particular yarn though) and it’s a pain. Not sure what causes it some times. I have heard, though, that some yarns twist worse than others. Sorry, I’m no help.

Well, I’ve tried various solutions without success. Letting the yarn dangle did not matter and even if it did, I can’t imagine doing that throughout the entire sweater project. I’ve tried knitting English style – that didn’t make any difference. That was a relief actually – I’m a committed continental knitter. I’ve rewound the ball two times and I’ve cussed a lot and I even let the cat bat it around a little too long. Nothing makes any difference. Any more thoughts?

I haven’t had this problem in years, but yesterday I started a Christmas bow with 2-ply cotton yarn and it twisted like crazy. Is your yarn 2-ply by any chance?