Twisting scarf

hey i seen a scarf that twisted once and i can not find a pattern for it. I am also a beginner so i hope it wont be to hard

I think they’re called mobius scarves. Just type that into google along with ‘free pattern’ and you should find a bunch of different ones.

I was thinking it was the `potato chip’ scarf. It has several twists in it, not just one like the mobius.

Potato chip is like a twisty ruffle.

ok i found a pattern for it but i am not sure about what this means

Knit in the front & back of each stitch

BO loosely


Look at the increases section under KFB for a video. But you knit into the stitch as usual but leave it on the needle, then knit into the back leg of the st. A very common increase.

OMG!!! Thats simple… I am always afraid to try a new pattern cause i am afraid it wont turn out…lol

thank you

If it doesn’t turn out, you can rip it and redo it. How do you think the rest of us got experienced…?

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Could it be from :wink:

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Yeah, something like that…

That’s the new Werewolves of London song! My daughter is so tired of hearing me howl when it’s on!

I was thinking Jimi Hendrix. I guess that dates me.:teehee:

We must have the same date. Jimi came to mind too…