Twisted yarn when pulling both ends of one skein

Hello. New here, but I’ve been lurking and learning for about a month now. Relatively new to knitting. That said… I need some help!

I’m making (yet another) scarf and I’m using two strands of chunky yarn held together. But no matter what I do the strand that I pull from the outside of the skein gets all twisted up. Is there a method to this madness? Should I make two balls from the one skein and if so can you advise on how to make the balls even?

Thanks so much! Great site too!


I think its pretty much impossible to knit any length from both ends of the skein. I would roll two balls. I don’t really know how to guarantee that they would be the same size unless you have a small enough scale to weigh them, (like a weight watchers scale) or you could just eyeball the size. Even if you had to reattach yarn later on, it would be better than fighting with the twists!

And welcome! I’m glad you decided to come in!

For the future, you could just buy two smaller skeins and pull from the center on both. Or just buy two. I mean, leftover yarn’s never a bad thing. Right? :angelgrin:

Thanks for the quick replies! Hmm, yep I have a small scale here that weighs up to 2 lbs. Maybe rolling into balls by weight is the best way to handle this.

LOL, I have quite a bit of yarn for somebody that hasn’t made much stuff! Must be all that dreaming about making stuff.

I’ve acutally discovered that it’s not the skein that’s twisting the yarn, but appears to be happening more at the needles. (I think). A plastic tub and about 20 clockwise spins of the skein every 3 rows or so kept me pretty tangle free.

I’m done with the knitting part on that scarf. Whew! Next time I’ll try a different approach. I have 4 more of the same scarf to make for x-mas gifts for my nieces… different colors of course.