I am mystified about the twisted stitches. Can someone please help me out here?

We need context please. Is this part of a specific pattern? A link to your pattern if there is one would help a lot.

A stitch can be worked twisted by wrapping the yarn clockwise. An existing untwisted stitch can be twisted when you work into the back leg on the next row/round. Two stitches can be twisted by working them out of order to form a mini cable. There may be other instances of twisted stitches that I’m unaware of or not remembering right now.

Well, you see, they are just like other stitches, just twisted. (Like my sense of humor)

I know that is if no help. Sorry, couldn’t help it. But welcome to the forum.

So what it’s it about twisted stitches that mystifies you?

How to make them? Or how not to make them?

That is not the answer you’re looking for.

How do you knit? Or perhaps how do you wrap your yarn over the needle?

Hi g gramma. Sorry, I haven’t learned my way around as yet. I just saw the term twisted stitches and wondered. Dose this make much difference in the pattern or why the twist?

Hi OffJumpsJack…The whole bit about the twisted stitch gets me. What is the point to twisting the stitches?

Ah! Well it is the look and feel.

Twisted stitches are tighter and the look different and give the fabric a different texture.
Since I think in pictures, here is another of Amy’s videos that shows why you might try want to try twisted stitches.

Search for “one row scarf” by the Yarn Harlot for another example featuring a twisted stitch in a simple repeating pattern for a subtle but pleasing effect.

Now, I am off to make a dish cloth using Amy’s example of knit row twists. Thank you for asking about twisted stitches! I think my wife will appreciate it.

We are both tired of basket weave.

Twisted rib is another example of using twisted stitches.

Then you can twist two stitches so they lean left or right like a mini-cable.

OK thnx Grumpy Gramma.

OK Thanks a lot. I will study these at a later date… I will be going from knitting or painting to gardening for the next while. We have just over 3000 plants coming in tomorrow or Wednesday morning & then will be grubbing in the dirt for the bulk of the summer.