Twisted make-one stitch

I’m knitting this pattern and I’m confused on how to make a twisted make-one stitch.

“[B]Do a twisted make-one (pick up the yarn between two stitches, twist it a half turn, place on left needle, then knit it), k to end of row.[/B]”

Do I pick up the yarn between the stitches from front to back or back to front? Is there another name for this particular stitch? I just can’t seem to make the instructions work for me.


I think it’s just a regular m1. They say to put the twist in it to make sure it doesn’t leave a hole. So pick up the yarn either way and knit into it so that there’s a twist.

IMO, doesn’t really matter how you pick up the strand.

If the orientation of the st…after you pick it up… is as it would normally sit, just work it thru the back loop/leg. (That’ll give you the twist.) But if you want to work it thru the front, then take the stitch/loop and rotate it. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a hole.

I’m guessing the INCREASE vid for M1 probably shows something similar.