Twisted headband

I am doing a twisted headband. 18 stitches. Pattern is k1p1 every row until 11 inches, ending ws row. Then next row c18f : slip next 9 stitches to cable needle and leave at front. (K1P1) 4 times. K1. [(P1. K1) 4times. P1] from cable needle. My question is since odd number 9 and 9, then the first stitch is a purl not a knit stitch. So everything will be off. Am I looking at this right? The pattern is twisted sister headband from all free knitting

If this is the pattern it may have been revised.
C18F = Slip next 9 stitches onto cable needle and leave at front of work.
P1. (K1. P1) 4 times.
[K1. (P1. K1)4 times] from cable needle.

It seems to me that this way the ribbed pattern is maintained.

Thanks. That’s what I was thinking. But not having all the knowledge so many of you have, I thought maybe there was a reason it was written this way. But now I know I was correct in my reasoning. Someone told me to watch your knitting and read the stitches. They were right. I’ve caught myself before and could see something wasn’t right before I got too far. I think I’m catching on. Yea!!


Absolutely. Reading your knitting makes it all so much easier. Mistakes are caught earlier and shaping various stitch patterns is easier.
Good going, KnittinGigi!