Twisted Fringe

I am making a scarf that I saw in an advertisement. It’s just a simple seed stitch, has stockinette pockets on each end and instead of ordinary fringe, it twisted fringe. It looks like 10 or 12 pieces of fringe were added at intervals across the edge then the yarns were twisted. I think I’ve seen directions somewhere for this, but for the life of me I can’t find them. Does anyone know about this?

Thanks for the help!!


like this?

No, like this.

I finally found it!! This is really pretty with the seed stitch scarf, but I’m going to have to experiment to get it the right thickness.

Thanks for your reply, though. I was beginning to think my description was too confusing for anyone to understand.

here’s one that I like a lot:

Oh, Linda, I just realized you’re Dances with Wool (cute name). I found your site today. In fact I found a whole lot of sites today. Google is good but you gotta get the right words in the query.

I’m still sure that I have directions in one of my books, but which one!

Thanks for your help.