Twisted Cowl

I’m trying to knit a cowl for my daughter. It’s on circular needles and it says to twist the first stitch. Everything else I’ve read says to be careful and not twist your stitches, so I can’t find out HOW to twist the stitch. When I do (looked at YouTube video “Original Twist” I can’t knit the rest of the row around. Has anyone ever done this and can you give me some help? Thanks.

Hi. Welcome to KH. Could you provide the name of the pattern? After another post or 2 you could post a link to the pattern if available. Knowing what pattern you’re working would be helpful.
Knitting into the back of the stitch will twist it, I don’t know that that’s what it means.

You don’t have to twist the first st, just so long as there is a twist in the sts. Just one though, not multiple ones.

If the concept is still hard to understand, spread out the sts and make sure there isn’t a twist; then twirl the first couple sts around the needle on the left and start knitting.

It may also make it easier to begin knitting the next round if you line up all the sts correctly and then put the twist into the sts on the [I]right hand[/I] needle.

Thanks! I found the pattern on … I had a little trouble going back to it, but if you google brown-sheep-yarns-and-free-cowl-pattern, you’ll find it. It’s really a cute pattern. Several people I know want to make it, so you’ll help us all!

Thanks. I did twist the first stitch, but then the bottom ridge curled around the needle. Do I just knit them that way? I couldn’t just twist the first one without the rest twisting some. As you can tell, I’m very new to this!

Here’s a link to the picture and directions:

Right twisting the first st will twist all the rest, that’s what you’re supposed to do.