Twisted Cable Shell

I am making this top, and I don’t quite understand working with straight needles from a round. I have done it before, but this is front and back. Do I need 2 sets of straight needles? I am confused about the pattern instructions here.
Work pattern across to beginning of round for back stitches. From this point work back and
forth on straight needles. 78, 94, (106) sts on both front and back sides.
TIP-place marker in center of back on row 1, this way you can measure the back section
to finish length instead of measuring from bottom.

Those were the instructions, but here is the pattern:

Thanks in advance for the help :slight_smile:

I don’t think you need 2 sets of straight needles. I think you work with one set of straight and do the back (working back and forth) and then after do the front (back and forth).
If you have a pair of straight needles you can use one to knit the stitches off of your circular and then on the next row work onto the second needle. This would leave your front stitches on the circular needle which can be used as a stitch holder whilst you set it aside until later.
Once you have finished the back you probably have everything cast off or perhaps have a few stitches on a holder (sorry not read the pattern), which will then free up your straight needles to use on the front.

If you don’t have straight needles you can use your circular needle to work back and forth instead of in the round. You would need to transfer the front stitches to a stitch holder or yarn or needle to save them whilst you worked the back. Then on the circular you use it as 2 needles turning at the end of each row.
Sorry if you already knew that I just thought I’d mention in case you didn’t have straight needles available.

I hope this helps

Thank you for clarifying that! Also, the next part says on the wrong side, p2, k2- If I do that, my pattern will be off, because starting on my wrong side, my first stitches are knit… So what do I do? Is it supposed to be like that?

Row 2: WS (P2, K2) repeat across ending with P1.
Row 3: RS P1, (K2, P2) repeat across ending with K2.
Work in pattern until back is 3”, 3”, (4”) from back marker. End on WS row.

Sorry, I’m not sure.
Could it be that you are currently working the front rather than the back? Have you looked at the remaining stitches which are on hold to see if it would make sense on those instead? (I’m guessing front and back have been the same up to this point)
Or look at the pattern for the front and see if it is the same on these rows where it switches to rib.
Did you double check the numbers of stitches, don’t suppose you could have missed one?

I think you are right to question which stitch comes first as it does look like your knits and purls should follow in line, but I’m afraid I can’t answer it for you.

I’m sure someone else will be able to help with that confusion.

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