Twirly skirt

Hi guys!

Just wondering: has anyone made this skirt?

I want to use up my stash 100% acrylic instead of cotton. How will that change the skirt’s look?

Does it really twirl so much? If it doesn’t has anyone got a better pattern for a really twirly girls’ skirt.



It ought to come out okay, though I’d suggest a little larger needle, maybe a size 7 or 8 to get the gauge and not be too stiff. If your gauge is a little larger, you could knit the next smaller size. Try it and see.

Here’sanotherthat has a simple lace pattern, sized from children to adult sizes. And it’s knit in the round so you don’t have to sew pieces together. Though you could also knit the Twirly skirt in the round too.

If you look at it on Ravelry you’ll see many, many people have used cottons, acrylics, microfibers and blends. They all look pretty and twirly to me. :wink:

Thanks girls! :muah:

I will do a mini demo skirt first and I’ll be using straight needles. I want to do it front and back seperate in order to eliminate or minimize the problem of large number of stitches on straight needles.

Suzeeq: I [I]am[/I] intending on knitting it on needles size 8 and I might even go a little loose too because the acrylic is wooly looking.

Thanks for your confidence!

Done my mini demo and I now know that I have to do it on circular.

I also think that I might not have enough stash! :aww: