Twiddle muffs

Here are the latest twiddle muffs. The one with hearts was sewn flat and is very small so is a sleeve twiddle. Good for someone with a cut or bandaid, etc to stop them from picking at them.

The ladies at the nursing homes say the residents enjoy them. They said no buttons or anything hard. So I crochet the Twiddle bits. I am a happy twiddler so everyone who wants one will have one!

Those are so cheerful and so well done. What a thoughtful donation.

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Thanks salmonmac! Just finished the twiddles on this one. I love the cute daisy flowers I found on you tube.

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You are so inventive, Blue! My knitting is on the back burner at the mo’ - garden, allotment and bees all demanding my waking hours!:dizzy_face:

Sounds fun! I have a wonky knee, so knitting helps the time. And poor souls in the homes touch my heart. And you tube a great resource!

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Please, what on earth are twiddle muffs? Something to twiddle in your hands? Being a great fan of Alice in Wonderland of course the first thing that came to mind was Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb and that’s not what you mean.

They are a brilliant aid for dementia patients who often have “fidgetty fingers” and constantly shred tissues or pull at their clothing and skin. The muffs serve the dual purpose of keeping their hands warm and occupied and the bright colours can cheer those with depression. A local club I belong to has a competition each year with all the individual entries going to the local dementia ward.
It’s a good thing Bluejay doesn’t live near or no-one else would ever win!


Thank you for the explaination.

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Oh garsh :blush::blush::blush:

Here is one link.

These are amazing and will give me projects for when I don’t know what I want to make. So these are meant to have the twiddle bits on both the inside and outside, correct?

That’s right. Mostly the outside. I put a few
Curlycues on the inside. You tube and googling will give you lots of ideas. Just make sure nothing hard sewn on. They often show putting on buttons, beads and such. The nursing home told me they take them off for safety sake. So all my twiddly bits are knit or crocheted.

Bright colours are suggested due to poor vision.
Apparently maroon even can look like holes. So bright and cheerful. I just picked up bright pink, and rose and
Variegated soft chunky. I will use the chunky to make
Some soft twiddles. Nice change from bright orange!

Hope you post a picture of yours!

Have fun! It is a wonderful cause and makes such a difference for those with dementia.