Beginner knitter here who needs some help.
Here are my instructions… "P1. *Tw2B. P1. Rep from * to end of row."
At the top of the pattern the legend says "Tw2B = knit into 2nd st on needle, then knit into first st. slipping both sts off needle tog.

I’m afraid I may need a video…

If you follow those instructions that’s exactly how you do it. You’re knitting the sts out of order.

Skip over the first needle and knit the 2nd one, leave it on the needle and knit the first stitch.

You might try searching for a video for Twist stitch or Twist 2 Right.

So to clarify I am NOT knitting the two together at first - only taking them off together?

Right, you knit the sts separately, then they come off the L needle.

Thanks so much!