Tutorial for felted clogs?

Is there a video or picture tutorial for fiber trends felted clogs out there anywhere??


No I wish there was

Check this out


I wish there were one, too. I have the pattern and the yarn, but haven’t yet been ready to tackle the project. Doing my first socks went okay, but I had Amy’s cd tutorial, as well as Silver’s online tutorial, to talk me through every step.

I tried reading back over the knitting helps clog thread, and even did read along with it as it was first being posted, but it’s really long, and there is no particular order of the pattern steps in the discussion (naturailly, since it was a discussion, not a tutorial). :expressionless:

The knit along is rather long and convoluted, but so many people here have made the clogs that help is readily available if you get stuck.

I did make a few notes last time I did a pair…you can read them HERE. Don’t be too worried though. Just jump right in. So many people here have done them that you’ll be able to get help in a sec if you have a problem.

Thanks, Kemp! :smiley:

On the third or fourth pair that I made, I took pictures of the process all the way through. If you get stuck somewhere or want to know what something should look like, just PM me or post in the clog thread and I’d be glad to share my pics. :smiley:

I’ve been showing a bunch of friends how to make the clogs and the thing that I recommend is to read the pattern first! It will give you all the info you need! I had so many people asking me how to W&T when the directions explain it all! Just take your time and if anyone tries to talk to you just count loudly you don’t lose your place! :smiley:

Julie, I’d LOVE to see your pictures! Though I know that everyone here is very helpful about answering questions, I am very much a visual learner. Even when having things explained to me, I don’t always “get it” until I can actuall “see” it. That’s why Amy’s video’s were such a great help to me in learning to knit. :smiley: