Turtle Neck Sweater

Hi, I am knitting a turtle neck sweater and in the pattern it says to knit the turtle neck separately and then graft it on to the sweater. Will it work if I just pick up the same amount of stitches on the sweater and then knit it directly or is there a good reason not to do this. I can’t say I like picking up stitches but the thought of grafting fills me with dread. Thank you Linda

Make sure you have the right side of the pattern showing on your collar. You will probably need to “change direction” after picking up your stitches or have the wrong side of the sweater facing you when you pick up your stitches.

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Thank you so much for coming back so quickly. I am quite new to knitting but have picked up stitches for necks bands before so feel a bit more comfortable doing that than ‘grafting’ and you have now given me the confidence to go ahead a pick up. Thank you.



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