Turning your work, shaping neck and shoulders


I am knitting a sweater from Kim Hargreaves which is called smoulder and I am currently knitting the back and am to shape back neck and shoulders. However, there is a part that I don’t understand.

Cast off 3 sts - I am ok with this.
Then: K until there are 7 sts on right needle and turn, leaving rem sts on a holder. Work each side of neck separately.

I have done this and put the 7 sts on a separate holder. But how do I turn the work? Which stitches do I now knit? Do I continue on the knit row and knit the remaining stitches on the left needle after having put the other 7 on a holder or am I to literally turn the work and purl and if yes, how to I get the yarn onto my right side?

Very confused and hoping somebody will be able to help.

Thank you very much in advance.


Actually, you don’t want to put the 7 knit sts on a holder. You want to put the [U]remaining unworked[/U] sts that are on the left needle on a holder. You’re going to work with the 7sts right now. Turn the righthand needle as you would normally do at the end of the row and work the following row on the 7sts according to the pattern directions. You’ll get to the sts on the holder later.

“Cast off 3 sts - I am ok with this.
Then: K until there are [U]7 sts on right needle [/U]and turn, leaving rem sts on a holder. Work each side of neck separately.”

Aaah, yes, that makes more sense, of course. Thank you very much for your quick reply.

I have tried a few times now but had to unravel every time as I get stuck afterwards. I hope you will be able to help me with this also.

So I have cast off 3 sts and knitted until there are 7 sts on my righthand needle. I put the remaining sts on a holder and continue with the 7 sts. I have to turn so that I am now on the purl side of my work. It then says:

Work each side separately. Cast off 4 sts at beg of next row. Cast off rem 3 sts.

I have looked at it so much that I am totally confused. Do I purl the row once before I cast off the 4 and then the 3, so that I can continue with the sts on the holder without breaking off the yarn?

Thank you once again.

Yes, purl one row, then bind off 4 sts, turn and bind off the last 3 stitches. You will cut the yarn though, you’re done with that shoulder. Just leave a long tail on both ends and start the stitches from the holder with one of them.


Ok, thank you. I only have one more question. I have now purled and bound off the 4 sts, but I now have 1 sts on the righthand needle obviously that I used for the cast offs and two on the left. How do I turn to bind off the rem 3 sts? I am really sorry, if these questions seem ridiculous to the experienced knitter… I’ll get there one day! :wink:

You can finish the row, turn and then bind off 3sts.