Turning Ridge

Can anyone tell me what (turning ridge) means?

I am using a pattern for slippers and the instructions say, K17 P1 (turning ridge? P1 (turning ridge) knit across.:knitting:


The p sts will form a ridge when you fold the knitting. It’s just letting you know that’s what they’re for, you don’t have to do anything different to them.

:muah: Thanks So Much. I think I am going to love this place.


there is a second reason… Stocking knit want to roll forward… to the smooth side–

if you want it to turn or fold, a row or 2 (or 3 or 4 rows) of reverse stocking knit will make the 'fabric want to fold the other way…

I use this trick on hats… to get a sharp fold (from body of hat to crown–when i want a flat (beret like) top! but its good lots of places…
(knit (then felted) bowls will have “flatter” bottoms if you make a turning row/ridge!)