Turning and Short Rows - HELP please!

I am a very new, self-taught knitter, and am in desparate need of help to work a pattern.

This pattern from Knitty.com, requires turning the piece and working in short rows as well as using stitch markers. Here is the pattern link: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter06/PATTcalorimetry.html

My challenge lies in working the first 2 rows from the pattern:

[i]Row 1: Work all sts in 2x2 Rib.

Row 2: Work in 2x2 Rib as set to last 2 sts, turn work.

Row 3: Sl 1, work 3 sts, place marker, work to last 2 sts, turn work.[/i]

I know how to work in 2x2 Rib, and have the basic stitches and some increase/decrease methods down. I don’t understand what the pattern means on Row 2 by “as set to last 2 sts, turn work”. What does this mean by “as set to”?

P.S.: Does this mean I work to the end of the row (no stitches left on the needle to work), and turn the piece around? Isn’t that what I would be doing anyway?

I have tried like crazy to find a tutorial, picture, or video that can easily explain what “turning the piece” looks like and how to stitch it properly in this pattern.

Please please, pretty please … if anyone can help me out, I would be beyond appreciative. I don’t have anyone I can learn from in person, which is always the best method.

I feel hopelessly lost …


“As set to” just means to continue the ribbing as it’s been established. So you’ll work to the last 2 stitches and then turn the work as if you finished the row, even though there are stitches left on the needle.

Errr …

I’m still quite stuck.

Any suggestions from the rest of the talented peanut gallery?


Ingrid summed it up really, don’t know how much more i (anyone) can help…

Basically, you are continuing in rib forget the ‘as set’ if you like and just follow the rib pattern. STOP when you get to the last two stitches, don’t do anything to them, leave them on the left needle. Turn the left needle (as you normally would once you had finished ALL stitches), this now becomes your right needle that you will be knitting stitches onto. Now work back following the instructions for the 3rd row. The first (third stitch that will be placed onto the now right hand needle, considering that there are two already waiting on this needle), will be slipped, you’ll work 3 more stitches in pattern, place your marker, then continue until you reach the last 2 stitches, which will once again be left on the left needle. Turn, to start a new row… keep going from there. By leaving the 2 stitches on the needle and turning, you will be inserting extra rows into your work, and at some point, you will be asked to stop these increased rows by knitting ALL THE WAY TO THE END of your needles again, hence ending the shaping.

P.S.: Does this mean I work to the end of the row (no stitches left on the needle to work), and turn the piece around?

the answer is NO… leave 2 stitches on the needle then turn as you normally would.

Don’t know if i’ve been much more help really, but that’s as spelt out as i can make it :shrug:

Knitty has a good article on short rows here:

I’m looking at the pattern now. Do you see how the rows of ribbing slant in from the edges toward the center, and how the whole thing becomes football-shaped? That’s the short rows at work. Without them, you’d just have a rectangle instead of a shaped piece that fits snugly around your head and ears.

As a new knitter, the thing to get your mind around is that you don’t always need to knit all the way from one end of the row to the other. If you do what Ingrid and Dee have suggested, stopping and turning the work when you have two stitches left on the needle, you will see the inside, more oval part of the “football” develop. When that’s done, you will be instructed to go back to doing full rows.

PS: don’t forget to keep knitting in the established (“as set”) k2p2 rib as you do the short row section.

Hope this helps