I am knitting a dishcloth, erm trying to. The pattern says this:

CO 15 stitches
Row 1 and all odd rows knit
Row 2 K3, YO, knit to last stitch turn
Row 4 K3, YO, knit to last two stitches, turn

My question is when you turn work, I am confused if you just slip the last stitch (as in row two) or slip of last two stitches as in row four. Or if you heck i dunno lol. I had hoped that turn just was additional explanation to tell you to flip stuff head over heals so to speak and follow the yarn and keep knitting. Put it says to knit to last stitch, knit to last two stitches… and I am baffled as to what to do with em. My thinking was maybe the turning was somethin different.

can anyone please help?

Thank you much

When a pattern says “turn”, do just that. If you have 2 stitches left on the needle and it asks you to turn, you just ignore those 2 stitches, turn your work around as though you were at the end of a row, and start knitting again with the stitches that are now on the left needle (AFTER turning). You will still have those 2 stitches on the other needle, but ignore them unless the pattern tells you to knit right to the end of the row.

What is this pattern?? Is there a free link?


I liked the one called The Cotton Dishcloth.

Its a circular thing I had hoped to make for my mom.
Thank you for explaining. I am gonna give it a second go and see if I can swing it.

Thanks again.

HOORAY!! thanks so much… the light bulb is now on hehe.

Thank you thank you. My mom is gonna love this pattern.



Glad it’s working out for you!!