Turn work/don't turn work

I’m knitting in the round using Magic Loop. The pattern is written for DPN, but I’m using ML instead. I know what turning the work means when knitting something flat, but knitting in the round?

For this pattern, I CO 12 stitches and then increase stitches over the next 8 rounds. On round 8, the instructions are to knit and then TURN WORK.

Now the pattern refers to rows. Row 9 is purl then turn work. Row 10 is knit then turn work. Row 11 is purl and turn work. Row 12 is knit. Then we go to round 13.

The instructions indicate that to turn the work means to “flip the work around to the other side and with the working yarn attached to the left needle, start knitting or purling as the pattern indicates.”

I’m having trouble with turning the work. I’m sitting her with my needles in my hand trying to visualize what the pattern is asking me to do, and I can’t do it. :doh: The funny thing is that I know for a fact that I did this without even trying when I first started knitting…but it was a mistake then!

Yes, even knitting in the round, you’d turn as if you were at the end of a row in flat knitting if that’s what the pattern says. When you get to the point, turn it so the WS is facing you and you’ll be purling on the WS. Then turn and knit on the RS. Sounds like it’s doing short rows for shaping.

Yes, this can suddenly seem impossible but think of it as knitting on the inside of the tube instead of on the outside of the tube as you’ve always been taught to do in the round.
You’re working in the round with the yarn coming off the right hand needle. Now switch hands by taking the right hand needle into your left hand and picking up the left hand needle in your right hand. The working yarn is coming off the LH needle and you start purling just as you would at the start of a new row of flat knitting.

Thank you, both. That helps.

Yeah, unlearn something then try to do it on purpose. Challenging!
What are you making?

Marie Mayhew’s most recent pattern…- wooly bird holiday ornaments -
http://www.woollysomething.com/id178.html - I started with the cardinal. I love her patterns!

Those are so cute! I hope we get to see yours when you’re done. :slight_smile:

Those are adorable, Ronda!

Yah, the short row shaping gives it a rounded shaping. You’re doing exactly as the instructions tell you to, even though it sounds weird. The unworked stitches just rest there until you join the work in the round again. If you’re doing it right, this is going to look like a triangle as you go back and forth in an upward direction. It becomes poofy as you knit stitches together.