"Turn Heel" on sock

I have been on a sock knitting binge and enjoy not having to look at the pattern for every step … BUT … this time … I forgot to knit the 12 rows that “turn heel” before I “shaped gusset”.
[COLOR=blue]Has anyone ever forgotten to “turn heel” and gone right into “shape gusset” ??[/COLOR]
I prefer making socks on DPN’s and alternate knitting on two socks (to make sure I actually knit the second sock). I completely shaped the gusset on the first sock and knitted several rounds without turning the heel. I realized this as I started the gusset on the second sock … without turning the heel…
[COLOR=blue]Will the socks be “OK” … and just “OK” is all right … if I don’t rip out and go back and “turn heel” ?[/COLOR]
It is 12 rows missing, but not stitches. The stitches that would have decreased during “turn heel” were/will be decreased during “shape gusset”

You’ll have to take a look at it and see what you think. Both socks probably won’t look the same however. I struggled with heel turns for a long time. I didn’t like the wrap and turns because it left holes in the socks. This is the first wrap and turn video that made sense to me. It works out great. It leaves a professional looking turn with no holes.

I actually like turning the heel … I just forgot to do it ! I am going to knit both socks without turning the heel … I just wonder if it will make a huge difference in the fit … and figured if anyone had done it, and it didn’t work, I could just stop now :slight_smile:

It doesn’t sound like a catastrophic failure. There are such things as tube socks after all. Your gusset is going to be longer.

Tube socks are nice for kids because they grow so fast. They’re also nice to make for gifts if you don’t know somebody’s exact measurements.

I’ve almost finished the never ending gusset but I am not quite to a place where I can try them on without taking them off the needles and putting them on a “holder” … I will knit a while longer then try them on :slight_smile: I think they are going to be fine, just fine ! Semi-Tube Sox …