Turn Back Time Spa Cloths

I made two spa cloths for my friend, Donna, who works at the Attendance desk at the high school. I worked with her for a couple of months in the Spring…before the school had to lay me off due to budget cuts. We grew very close during that time. It’s a very stress-filled position…dealing with students and parents (the parents are the worst). She’s an amazing lady!

I had to scramble for a gift, and lack of $$ was a consideration as well.

Thank goodness for knitting!

I decided to make a couple of Turn Back Time Spa Cloths from the January 2008 Creative Knitting issue.

I know it seems silly to block wash cloths, but I wanted to have straight edges, and I wanted a smooth look when she opened the gift…


These were a very quick knit! I started Friday evening, finished half of the first one, and then knit the rest of it, along with the second one on Saturday while I watched college football…


I used Lily 'n Cream in Yellow (above) and Cornflower (below)…


I had recently gotten a bunch of soy candles for free (I’ve been a couponing fiend since the summer), so I put one with the cloths, making for a nice gift, I think…


I found a pretty ribbon…


I went to my wrapping paper stash and found the cutest gift bag…


I’ll be delivering this in a little while. I can’t wait to surprise her!

Thanks for looking at my project!

Your spa cloths turned out really well! I love them! They really do look like something from the past, and your gift bag suits them perfectly! What a nicely put together gift – I’m sure she’ll love it.

Very pretty pattern and beautiful knitting. Cute presentation, too!

Those are beautiful! What a lovely gift!

Very pretty! She will love them. :inlove:

Those came out great! What a nice gift.
I also block my washcloths / dishcloths. I think it make a prettier presentation.

Very nice! All of it. :yay: :yay:

Thanks for the compliments!! I took the bag to her this morning, and it made her day. As I said, we’re very close, and she was so appreciative of the hand-made cloths. She asked what a “Spa Cloth” was, and I said it’s a fancy word for wash cloth. :teehee:

I just love knitting and the joy it can bring to others. :heart:

very pretty

I think this is the PERFECT GIFT!!! Where do I sign up??

The spa cloths look great! What a sweet and thoughtful gift :slight_smile:

They turned out beautiful!! Feels really good to be able to make something so nice for a gift doesn’t it?

Lovely!..and a great gift for your very lucky friend.

Yes, it really does. I blogged about it, and she read my blog last night and commented! It brought tears to my eyes.

Lucky lady!! That is such a pretty pattern. For what it’s worth, I’ve blocked the spa cloths that I have given as gifts as well!

Is so beautiful n nice …definitely sure she will love it

Gorgeous!! What a wonderful gift!

Very pretty! :slight_smile:

I just had to come back here again…love these! So: where might I find such a pattern? do you share?

I make and sell handmade soap, and do a spring show each year, on a garden tour with neighbours. I have been knitting up a few spa cloths to sell along with the soap, but would love to be able to knit a few of these as well.

I would so appreciate if you could tell me…:heart:

Hi there!

Because the pattern is copyrighted, I cannot share it with you.

This pattern came from the Creative Knitting magazine. The issue was January 2008.

I’m not sure how you would go about getting a copy of that issue. You could try contacting their customer support at (800) 829-5865 or visit their website.

I read on the magazine’s website that there are a few issues that you can get back copies of. You could ask about that. Perhaps there would be a way to purchase the pattern individually from the designer. What I would do is call customer support, ask what your options are, and go from there.

Good luck to you!