Tupperware Pitchers

Hi everybody, this is so very uber-random that I think I deserve some kind of merit badge, but…

During my childhood and, really, up until I moved away from home a few years ago we had these old pitchers that we used for iced tea. I loved them. I still love them. Other pitchers I find are too small or weirdly shaped or the lid doesn’t fit right. I am on a mission to find them before spring and I switch back to making and drinking iced tea again.

What I know:[ul]
[li]I know they were Tupperware, but that part isn’t a deal breaker.[/li][li]I know they’re round[/li][li]I know they’re a hard plastic, almost rubbery, and not see-through[/li][li]I know the ones we had are ugly seventies colors, but I’m not a stickler about that. ;)[/li][li]I know the lids are white, had a handle inset on the top and there were three options you could twist to (slotted, open, closed)[/li][*]I know they hold half a gallon each[/ul]Anyone seen anything like this anywhere online or in a megamart?

Found this on the Tupperware site. You can now order from them on line.

I think Target carries Tuppereware…not sure about their selection though…

This is Rubbermaid, but it’s what sounds most like what you’re talking about. I have the one like that, but it has the mixer part in it. I use it for orange juice and kool-aid and I love it! (This coming from a former Tupperware salesperson and addict…SHHH!) Pampered Chef makes a more expensive version, but I’m cheap :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, Tupperware is not sold in Target and hasn’t been for a few years. They do still have mall kiosks in some places, but the Target deal was just silly.


I have two of the Rubbermaid ones, let me know if you want pictures. i have a gallon and a half gallon one. They’re sitting here in the Goodwill box. If you’d like them, PM me, you can have them.

You guys are so totally on it. The Rubbermaid ones are the most like what I’m looking for. (cristeen, I’ll be PMing you ASAP)
Thanks so very super bunches for the help, everyone!