Tunisian on K&C Today

I wouldn’t say Tunisian Crochet is my favorite but I do like it quite a bit.
So when I saw this was the topic of today’s Knit and Crochet Today show I was hoping I’d learn something.
Boy was I ever disappointed.

If anyone unfamiliar with Tunisian saw the show and thought “Yuck” like I did, it can look a lot better than what they showed.

Here’s a couple I’ve done.
The blue one is an Annie’s Attic pattern that came with some hooks my sister got me and it seems they don’t have the kit anymore, sorry.
The other is 3 rows of Tunisian with a Crochet on the Double for the color change.

Also you can search Tunisian here and see some better representations than what they did on the show.

Here’s a WIP. Same Cro-double color change idea as the red and green but tighter hook and some wide bands.
Fuzzy size is the “WS”, not so fuzzy size is the “RS”, but I consider the fuzz the RS.