Tufted cast off

looking for directions on how to knit the tufted cast off…it’s in a hat pattern from the book by cabin fever…kids knitted hats

I have that book so I dug it out 'cause I hadn’t heard of and couldn’t find anything on the Tufted cast on…

Is this for the Elf Swirl? If I’m reading it right you should have 5sts left?

You have to cast on 10 sts (I would use the knit-on) and then you bind off 11sts…after you bind off the 11th st you place that st back on your right needle and repeat again…so cast on 10, bind off 11, remove st back.

Thank you for taking the time to look up your book. Yes the pattern is the swirl hat. Perhaps I’m just over thinking this cast off. I’ve only been knitting for 2 yrs. so many of the terms are new. But this one has many unsure. I’ll be visiting my local yarn shop tomorrow for a cry for help. Today is Sunday and thought maybe I could solve the mistery before tomorrow. Thanks again.