Tuck Stitch help

I am making the Tuck-Me-In afghan from the big needle afghans book I just picked up at Michaels, and I am confused. These are the directions:

k2, p2, [B]*drop next st and unravel it down 4 rows, insert tip of RH needle knitwise into 5th stitch down and also under 4 loose strands and k1, drawing st up with strands behind it[/B], p2, rep from *, end K2.

The instructions for picking up the 5th stitch make no sense to me. Does anyone have clearer instructions or know of a video I can watch to learn this stitch? My blanket doesnt seem to be coming out the same as in the picture.


Without knowing what the stitch looks like, it seems to me that after you work the first 4 stitches you would drop the next stitch off your left needle. You would unravel it down 4 rows. On the 5th row down catch the stitch with right hand needle knitwise and with the tip of the right needle under the bars from the unraveled stitch wrap your working yarn as to knit and bring it in front of those 4 bars and complete the stitch. It looks like you will end up with a bow or butterfly effect when the stitch you just knit tightens around the bars of the 4 rows of the unraveled stitch.
I don’t know if that makes sense to you. I can see it in my head, but writing it out clearly is difficult.