Tubular cast-on and bind-off for stockinette work

Been pulling my hair out all night over this. My brain is fried, and my dreams will be haunted.

To put a potentially long ramble as simply as possible, I am trying to figure out how to use tubular cast-on and bind-off on straight stockinette work. Of all the countless tutorials I’ve read and watched this evening, they were all about ribbing and only one even mentioned stockinette (aside from foundation rows), but didn’t actually go into detail about it. For the record, I’ve never actually used these beyond a few failed swatches this evening. I’d really like to try them on a simple raglan cardigan with no ribbing, assuming this gets figured out.

So, would anyone happen to be able to point me in the right direction? There would be much gratitude. Pretty please. I KNOW IT’S POSSIBLE! …It has to be possible, right? I might cry. :\

it is possible.

Most tutorials go about this with ribbing because a lot of tubular cast ons fall well into the k1 p1 pattern and therefore make it easy.
But you do not always want that ribbing, I know.

My cast on here: is hard to see in that bad picture, but it is a “tubular hem” with about 10 rows hight, that has NO RIBBING.

I used this method here:

Garnstudio-tubular cast on

and as a corresponding bind off you can (and I did not) use this here:

Garnstudio-tubular bind off

But I have to admit that the bind off video refers to ribbing again - saying that it will just as well work with stochinette.

I hope I could help!

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That CO is one of the ones I did try, though instead of knitting the picked up purl bumps, I turned them on the needle and purled them so they would some out stockinette. Those stitches came out looking fine, but I noticed the edge looked rather poor, with a visible “bar” between the edge stitches. So, should I just k1 p1 like shown until the tube is complete and then continue in stockinette?

I think what confuses me most about the CO and BO are that they involve working with alternating knits and purls, so I’m not sure how to translate that to stockinette. For the BO, slip every other stitch purl-wise? Gah. I woke up an hour ago and this is still going over my head.

By the way, that Spongebob is pretty ridiculous, in an awesome way.

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I have the same question. Did you figure out a solution?

I’ll try the cast on the hyperactive recommended in her reply

It seems that it should work for stockinette. From the back, pick up the sts as to purl so that the front is stockinette rather than rib.

ETA: Yes, that works for the cast on.